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Custom Molds And Plastics Custom Plastic Molding Of Electronic Connectors

China Guangzhou Starlink Mold Co.,Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Starlink Mold Co.,Ltd. certification
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Custom Molds And Plastics Custom Plastic Molding Of Electronic Connectors

Custom Molds And Plastics Custom Plastic Molding Of Electronic Connectors
Custom Molds And Plastics Custom Plastic Molding Of Electronic Connectors

Large Image :  Custom Molds And Plastics Custom Plastic Molding Of Electronic Connectors

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: N/A
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Model Number: N/A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 0
Price: $0.1
Packaging Details: WOODEN CASE
Delivery Time: 5 to 10 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: As per customer

Custom Molds And Plastics Custom Plastic Molding Of Electronic Connectors

Steel: 1.2343/1.2083/S136/NAK80,etc Hot Runner: MST-TIP/Synventive/Yudo/HRS/Husky
Injection Gate: Fan/Banana/Sub-gate/Tunnel/Pin Point Gate Standard: LKM/Hasco/DME/Misumi
Steel: 1.2343/1.2738/1.2083/S136/NAK80 Hot Runner: Husky/Moldmaster/Yudo/HRS/Synventive
Injection Gate: Fan/Banana/Tunnel/Pin Point Gate Standard: HASCO/DME/MUSUMI/LKM
Steel: Base On Mold Life: 1.2343/1.2738/1.2083/NAK80/S136 Hot Runner: Moldmaster/Synventive/HRS/Yudo
Injection Gate: Tunnel/Fan/Subgate/Banana/3 Plate Mold Standard: LKM/HASCO/Musmi/DME
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electronic connectors custom molds and plastics


custom plastic molding of electronic connectors


electronic connectors custom plastic molding

Elite Performance Injection Molds: Designed Exclusively for Electric and Cable Industries


This mold is meticulously crafted for the manufacture of electronic connectors, suitable for high-precision and high-efficiency injection molding.

Made with LCP material, it ensures the finished product has excellent electrical insulation properties and heat resistance, along with good mechanical strength and stable dimensional precision.

It is capable of accommodating rapid production demands and features easy demolding, effectively reducing production cycle time.

Its excellent compatibility allows the mold design to adapt to a variety of standard and custom-sized electronic connectors, making it an ideal choice for clients in the European and American wire and electrical markets.


The design of the mold for electronic connectors made from LCP material incorporates several vital features to ensure the quality and consistency of the products:
1. Precision Mold Cavities: The cavities are engineered with extreme precision to guarantee that each connector is an exact replica of the desired dimensions and tolerances. This precision ensures that every connector produced is consistent with the last.

2. Advanced Materials: High-quality mold materials resistant to wear and thermal stress ensure the mold maintains its shape and surface finish over time, leading to consistent product quality even after prolonged use.

3. Tight Tolerances: The mold is designed to maintain tight tolerances during the injection molding process, thus averting variations and defects in the final product.

4. Sophisticated Cooling System: An optimally designed cooling system within the mold allows for rapid and uniform cooling of the injected material. This not only speeds up production but also ensures that each connector cools at the same rate, preventing warping and ensuring dimensional stability.

5. Polished Mold Surfaces: Smooth internal mold surfaces reduce friction and facilitate flawlessly finished products with no imperfections that could affect the connector's performance.

6. Controlled Injection Process: The design includes precise control over the injection pressure, speed, and volume, ensuring the molten PC fills each cavity completely and consistently, reducing the potential for air pockets or incomplete parts.

Robust Ejection System: A carefully designed ejection system prevents defects by ensuring the finished connectors are ejected without stress or distortion.

7. Venting Systems: Proper venting prevents trapped air, which can cause burn marks and incomplete filling, thus ensuring the integrity of the final product.

8. Maintenance Accessibility: The mold design allows for easy cleaning, maintenance, and part replacement, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of the parts produced.

9. Quality Control Measures: The mold design facilitates the integration of sensors and quality control measures such as in-mold cameras and pressure sensors to monitor the molding process in real-time, allowing for immediate adjustments to maintain product quality.

By integrating these design elements, the mold ensures that each connector produced is of the highest possible quality and that the production process yields consistently reliable results, aligning with industry standards.


Why Choose Us?
We have high-precision imported equipment, such as Markino and Sodick. After processing, all workpieces will be measured in three coordinates to ensure the machining accuracy of the mold. In addition, we have imported injection molding machines ranging from 55T to 650T to ensure consistency between trial and mass production, product size and appearance requirements, and meet customer requirment target.
Company Name Guangzhou Starlink Mold Co,Ltd
Main Product Precision mold, Injection mold, Injection molding, etc
Injection Machine
55T, 80T, 120T, 180T, 200T,250T,320T,450T,600T
Application Electronics industry, Medical industry, Home appliance industry, Aerospace, Shipbuild industry, Household goods, Automobile industry, Machinery industry, Robot industry,etc
Mold Base LKM Standard,DME Standard, HASCO Standard, etc
Mold Material 718H/738H/718/738/NAK80/S136/S136H/2738/H13/P20/2344ESR/SKD-61, etc
Mold Precision +/-0.005mm
Mould Life 100K-1000K shots
Mould Cavity Single cavity, multi-cavity
Runner System Hot Runner or Cold Runner
Manufacturing Equipments Imported CNC equipment, EDM machines, Imported mirror wire cutting machines, High-speed precision engraving machines, Laser cutting machines, Sodick slow threading machines, Precision grinders, Plastic injection molding machines
Plastic Raw Material Nylon6, Nylon66, PA6, PA66, PA6+GF, ABS, ABS+GF, ABS+PC, POM(Derlin), PP, PE, PC, PVC, PMMA(Acrylic),TRU,EPDM,NBR, Silicon,UHMWPE,PVDF,PTFE,ETFE,PFA,PCTFE,FEP,PVF,PSF, PEI, PSU,PPSU, PPS, PEEK, PAI, PI, PBI,etc.
Color white,black,gray,green,blue,pink,yellow,golden,natural color and transparent
Surface Treatment Polishing,Painting,Electroplate,Anodizing, Brushing, Silk Screening,Water Transfering, Leather Covering,Texture, Sanblasting,Gilding, UV Painting…
Product Drawings 2D Drawings, 3D Data, or product samples
Lead time 2-7 weeks basically by different product and requirement
Quanlity System ISO9001:2015, ISO14001
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